To the hopscocth team



To THT these are some things I really want in hopscocth
1•I really want to send messages on hopscocth without anyone knowing except the person I send it to

2•I want to know who I'm following(cuz I think I'm following 100 people)

3•I want more blocks! Like set width! And more drawing and value blocks especially

In the comments put what YOU want!


Don't we have a change width? Or you can use a value for width?

Also you can try emailing THT :wink:


And you can see who you're following in your #Following tab :slight_smile:


Not like that
In looks&sounds like a square make it thin


I don't get it


Make a square thin? Like compress/squeeze/stretch/expand shapes?
That's an AWESOME idea!


Your absolutely right! Maybe also ovals!


See the "Following"? You can see projects by who you're following


Good ideas! :slight_smile:

I just have a few comments:

I agree that this would be nice for some things (like collabs, for instance), but it might not work out too well. :frowning:

Some people might spam others with messages or bully them by messaging. I'm sure not many people would do this, but some people might. :frowning:

Good idea though! :slight_smile:

Great idea! :D

It would be really nice to see who I'm following; I follow about a million people. XD (I guess I'm exaggerating, but still...)

I guess I can just look through my following tab, but I'd have to scroll for hours to see all the people I follow. Even then, I might not find all of them!

Nice idea! :D

Having a set width block would be awesome! If it gets added, however, we might also want a set height block. :D


What about people that are following you?


Oh that!
Well that shows projects of who your following


Those are Followers, not people you're following. And lots of people have suggested seeing followers. It's a cool idea but could lead to people bragging and others feeling sad at having fewer follows than others…


I know what you mean about the messages!


KVJ do the logo!


Thanks for the reminder… and sorry for procrastinating :pensive:


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