To tank2016 and ANOUNCEMENT


Isn't it funny that you got Donald Trump in my random name generator? Lol!


STOP Remixing my random name generator and putting stupid names in it that I never put in. I don't mean Tankt, I me a the WHOLE COMMUNITY.

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Hey! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I've had this happen to me too! One thing you can do is ask them politely to stop! Often, they don't realize they're doing something you don't like! Maybe edit it so it sounds nicer?:wink:


Yeah, I named it "Seriously?"!


Don't worry! There are no weirdos on Hopscotch! On Hopscotch everyone is equal!
I recommend changing it to be a bit more polite. Maybe you could say this :
"Hello! I think it's very funny that you got Donald Trump on my random name project!

I appreciate and see how much you enjoy my project! :smile:

I would like to ask you to please stop remixing my project because it is spamming my activity.


I'm sure tankt2016 is only trying to show appreciation for your project!


lol my lottery got rigged xD

Now 99% of my remixes are "omg 999999999999999 likes? I WON OMG" ;-;
I asked tem to stop but it didnt work xD


If they would actually take the time and think about how unlogical that is... :laughing:


They never changed it though. The remixers did


Are you suspended till Valentine’s Day :heart_eyes_cat:

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