To @t1_hopscotch_: moderation



Hello @t1_hopscotch! I noticed that you have a little shield next to your name. The people that work for hopscotch have that too, but I didn't think that you worked for them. Can you tell me how it got there? Thanks!

Read if you're t1!

I'm not t1, but I'm pretty sure the small shield next to t1's name indicates they are a moderator. @t1_hopscotch could always confirm though :wink:


Yeah @CreativeCoder that's right, I'm a moderator for the forum and that's right too @SoapyBubbles I don't work for them but I'm just helping to moderate :smile:


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How to determine if iPad has been swiped?

How did you become one?


@Codingiscool Liza made me a moderator and I said I'd love to help out with moderating the forum :smiley:


Could I become one? This needs to be 20 characters


@Codingiscool I'm not sure but you can ask Liza! I'm a moderator on the Hopscotch community too :smiley:


How do I contact her? By email? And sorry if I'm wasting your time.


Yep you can contact the Hopscotch Team by email— and no you're not wasting my time don't worry! :smiley:


Thank you so much! :smiley:


No problem @Codingiscool!

And in case anyone is wondering what a moderator is, moderators help keep the community safe by reviewing posts that other people have flagged.

You should email them about to find out more about it too, because I've just started and it has different parts to the normal forum :smiley:


Thanks for the very clear and simple explanation @t1_hopscotch! I really appreciate it!


@t1_hopscotch, I can't email Liza. Is there another way?


@NDSDNS Why can't you? Thanks t1! I emailed them.


I have email but I'm only allowed to send it to specific people.


This is a bit of topic but you can just message her on here. But @codingiscool I think you have to be a regular or member to do it. Also if you like to help.


Do you mean regular member on forums?


Yes I do. But maybe if you ask her.


I don't think you can ask to be a moderator.
If I'm not wrong, it should be a reward