To @smishsmash (feel free to close, mods)


Since the topic #unbanfriendship2468 was closed.. I needed to send this message to @smishsmash.. so.. here.

@moderators, you can close this topic if you'd like.

[quote="smishsmash, post:4, topic:22763, full:true"]
She broke the rules many times.We shouldn't question the mods.

She broke some major rules and that's really unsafe for her, and a lot other hops, she did it too many times, so she was basically banned. She broke a rule, got suspended, but is still doing it, so she had to be suspended for 8 years.

I fell like we shouldn't talk about this, it's turning into gossip now :\It's nessesary for her safety, and the safety of everyone on the forum.


You may never know, she might create an account with a different email or, if her IP is locked, log in onto another IP..

I wish I could check friendship's hopscotch (Potter Productions) to see if she made a project about it..

But I don't have an apple device anymore so :(


I checked friendship's profile for you. :wink: She hasnt made a project about the subscription yet.


I have nothing to say
But is it true dat friendship have broken many rules

Hokay I shouldn't even talk about dis