To SmileyAlyssa


I realized that when I was playing your game lava run that it was a lot similar to a game on Animal Jam which is an MMO

The game on Animal Jam is called "Lava Fall" (I think)

You should try animal jam

Not to be mean, because your game is awesome just letting you know there are other games like yours.


That's cool. Read this @SmileyAlyssa


I play AJ :flushed:



I am not allowed to share my account name though,

But it's not important so my account name is Futureninja




OH MY GOODNESS!!! That profile pic!!!


Oh! I do play AJ! Well, I used to. It's actually called falling phantoms, and that was my favorite game on there! So I Hopscotchified it! Yah, this was definatley where I got the idea! Thanks!


Yeah! If you ever play again then search for my username if you want and you can find me.


Which profile, Crazygoats or Mine




Wait what's your username? I'll search you!


By the way, if you don't mind I was wondering if you had any tips for becoming famous in hopscotch?


Agreed it is really funny


Mine for Animal jam is futureninja but hopscotch is Mister de llama


Umm.. Well I'm not very famous. But here is some steps that I followed to get my first project on featured:

  1. Come up with an AWESOME idea!
  2. Picture how you can put the idea into code!
  3. Work, test, work at it!
  4. If you need help, ask on the forum, or search around for codes that you need! Or search for ways you need to try!

Those are pretty much my tips. And as long as you stay actually working on Hopscotch, and you are active, I can promise that you will definatly become famous in a matter of time! Just look at me! I've only been on Hopscotch since late October!


Thank you so much, that will definetly help.

Again thank you.

If you haven't checked my hopscotch account out I would love if you did, and if you like portal than good because I am starting to make portal themed projects.


Mainly just a small portion of portal but yeah


I found you! Notifications should be coming on soon!


Cool! Thanks........


That's really kind of you to do that. Your very nice. I really only wanted out of all of that a follow at the highest but thanks!