To SabotageWarning (Closedđź”’)


Dear @SabotageWarning,
If you really want to spam, go do it somewhere else.
If you really want to annoy ppl, go do it somewhere else.
If you really want to leave, go somewhere else
Thank you and have a nice day

Dont Flag If You Read His Recent Topics You'll Understand


Can't like here is a :heart:


I can't either :heart:


I like it. But continuing this problem by replying and making topics about it will just give SabotageWarning the attention he wants. So maybe just try to avoid this in the future?


TBH I really don't want @SabotageWarning to leave cuz it make me feel bad, but he should just read the rulez, follow them and not post offensive or spam comments


I know I shouldn'tve made this topic, but he made an entire topic asking ppl if he was annoying, and when ppl said yes he said we were bullyin g him
Then he makes 3 topics of walruses and videos




How is this mean? You're the one who said you wanted to leave.


We're not bullyin g you we're telling you to come back when you have a better sense of the community and think about why you came here in the first place


still can't like here is :heart:


You guys are being rude to me why why why what did I do I'm trying to be nice I'm super nice


I just read the last topic and he posted gangnam style :confused: . Why'd you do that when you probably know younger viewers are on here. Also why are you blaming everyone else for being mean and you keep on getting off topic. Just leave please.


Nobody was bully ing you. They are just trying to tell you that spam isn't allowed on the forum.


You made 3 topics of spam and you're not super nice, you feel great when people quit .-. -.-


I can't like here is a :heart:


To @a10 and @Ihasfluffycupcakes I can't like so here are :heart:


@BuildASnowman please close this I am very upset at these people who are bullyin.g!


We aren't bullyin g anyone!

Do you see any mean comments towards anyone


no one is bully ing anyone, @SabotageWarning is posting offensive comments and spam

We are just telling him to stop and do it somewhere else


Ok to sum it up all up because you want me to quit,