To RedKoala(and anyone else)


Hey RedKoala! I was wondering if you wanted to be coding partners with me because your good at coding and never really run out of ideas... I can ask someone else but I want to ask you first. If yes reply to my topic if no just tell me on my topic. And to anyone else if you want to be coding partners with me you can but if there's too many people(I doubt anyone wants to be with me though)we can make a group


@RedKoala :D


Aren't you two sisters, @bLUEpANDA @RedKoala or I mixed up with someone else.


Yes Pingu? Or did you just say that! :smiley:


Yes we are! Hehe! :smiley:


Sure sis! I would love to be coding partners!


Yup! We are sisters!


Yay! What do you want the name to be?


Hmmm...lets talk in RL! :smiley: