To publish... Or not to publish...that is the question!



So, I post quite often. Should I post less or more...? I'm thinking less... Because, my role models, @SmilingSnowflakes, @AHappyCoder, @ColourfulBlack, (and more!) all post waaaayyy less than me... Plus, I feel as if I'm being a bit...cold to my friends on HS (aka, @treefrogstudios, @MemorableChicken, those AWSOME peeps)...I don't know what to do...advice...would be AWSOME!

Panda Blossom


That should not mean you need to post less, I just post less because it's better for me!


Publishing a lot is good! It just means that you are a fast coder! :D


Yea....I just can't decide, cause, if I do post less, I won't see my friends as often...:frowning:


:rolling_eyes:... Most of my projects are drawings....:grin::sweat_smile:yeah...I code as well :wink:


More! So people know you care. And you seem a TINY bit (not a lot) cold, like you don't talk to us. But.. DACOLDNEVAHBODEREDMEANYWAAAAAAAY!

Also, don't crank things out. Post as often as you can while making quality projects and making time for IRL stuff. That's my advice.


And also again: YOU ARE DA BEST.

If you need to post less, go ahead! (:


Oh, you are talking about projects, okay :D
As you get better, you standards of what is good go up ^^^^ So you want to make all your projects better than before and then you post less as the projects are more polished.
I hope I am not bragging


Your drawing AND coding is amazing.


Yeah, MC isn't on the Forum anymore. ERGH


I don't know...I have loads of learning to do, and my parents doesn't let me play my iPad Monday to Friday. So yeah...


Then it means that your a fast artist! :D
It takes me forever to draw on hopscotch. XD

@PandaBlossom your art is awesome! :D


Good idea froggie! And sorry I'm not talking...:T stuffs...after I've finished my big project, I'm making a chat/RP account....I've never RPd before....pointers? .~.


Stay in character, and have fun! Also: OOOHH WUT BIG PROJEEEEECCCCTTTT?


0.o....your art is AWSOME. Anyway...I should take more time to draw XD


Saying ayyyyooo, it's okayyyyyooo!


Thank you! :D


:unamused:(jk) if you read one of my big might find out...or you could try to figure out where I put it here :smirk::blush:


Peeps..just don't ask XD


I don't think you have to post less, just post whatever you have time for. The people who are "famouser" ( I know... Not a word) than you probably only post that much because they don't have as much free time as you do.


I always secretly go on my iPad without my parents noticing me...even now!
Yes I am a fast drawer. @Pingu ....I have to finish it before my parents find out