To poptart and happy12345678910



hey @PopTart0219 and @happy12345678910

me and happy12345678910 talked about poptropica on the partu and now that its closed but can we talk about poptrocapa here but also keep it hopscotch realated?

btw @happy12345678910 i friended you! and you have to friend me as


I'm afraid it isn't, because Poptropica isn't Hopscotch.


yeah but if we threw some hopscotch things in there!


No, I'm sorry, it's not Poptropica.


what do you meen? we could have like little poptrica challenges!


No, you're talking about Poptropica, not Hopscotch.


well i am saying if we threw some HOPSCOTCH chalenges in here like make a poptrica charecter out of emojis!


If you keep it hopscotch related I Think it's fine!


yeah but lets make sure with @PopTart0219


heres a :heart: for everyone i waked out of likes!


so list of leaders that could help!



As long as it's hopscotch related, I'm fine with it :wink:


Okay yay! Here is a heart!:heart:


Would if your making poptropica in hopscotch
Ps :hearts: poptropica my user is Tiddytootoo dont judge I made it when I was six


Yeah It would be hard to make! But I stared when I was 7 I may friend you later!


What does that can i friend you btw i am on now im shoeless hammer
i will be in the comon room now


im thinking of making a game in hopscocth about poptropica


wait i figured it out but it did not show up that you friended me???


Friend me I am fall5436! I will play in the room later!


ok i friended you! just barey