To Meg and Liza


It could be internet usage. That's my last guess.
It could be the amount of posts at the same time, on the forum. That happens to me, it freezes because there is so many stuff going on at once.


The internet is very good in my school,and when the iPad paralyzed,...Oh...THANKS!!!I know why it crashed!!!It was because I was checking the topic Hopscotchers Aginest Bullin.g!!!(and that post has around 3000 posts or more!)THANKS!!!:grin:


Wait, I helped you?!
Thanks! I'm going to show my teacher...


Hello @Meg again.I think I found why it paralyzed.
@PotatoLover3 said to me that could be that I was checking a topic with so many posts,and that is what happened!I was checking a topic that has around 3000 posts,and I thing so many posts created an overload and it paralyzed.But,could you try to fix that problem? Thanks!


Yup,that is why I got the iPad paralyzed. Luckily,my dad are fixing it.Now he can fix it faster,and,lucky that anything is deleted! Thanks!!!:blush:


Your in Private mode.

Private mode makes your history doesn't save which makes safari forget its history data thus making the forum forget your password.


Unfortunately we can't really help you with forum bugs, because the forum is powered by Discourse, a different company. You would have to reach out to them to help resolve performance issues like these.


Ok,@Montoya,thanks for all help!


Really?! We are twins!


:relaxed:!!! I have the 9,2' iPad Pro.


Can't you just email them?


Yeah, it would be easier


But I have an school email.I can't email people with different domain than me,because I don't have the gmaill domain (,that's why.


Oh, yeah I guess it would work still on the forum, but u would need to tag them


That is what I did! I used the tags of Mag and Liza,and they said that is a problem of the forum,but they can't fix it,because the forum is originally from Discouse,a forum.


Oh, that is sad... use the forum on a PC


It only freezes my iPad when I am seeing topics with much posts.I only see my topics and some small topics in my iPad (that is finally fixed) and the others,in my laptop.


Oh, what gen iPad is it?


9,2' iPad Pro with iOS 10.


Whoaaaaa, that's a good iPad... it will get RECKT if u keep using the forum