To Meg and Liza


Hi @Meg and @Liza .I have a problem.
I always go to the forum by my iPad,but I realised that is getting laggy,worsening every day more,it's getting me out of my account each day,and one day,even paralized my iPad completely! I need you to try to solve this problem,because is getting me angry and annoyed.Please,answer ASAP,please!!!




I have never heard of this before but I hope someone can help you!


It might also be your iPad alone, not necessarily the Forum. I do computer classes and iPads are one of something I study. I could figure this out, here's some questions.
-Does your whole iPad shut down often?
-Does it completely log you out?
-How good is your internet when you use the forum?


Please,help! The iPad paralized again because of the forum!Help me @Meg or @Liza !:cry:

  1. No,Is a iPad Pro the iPad that I'm using.
  2. Yes,completely!
  3. Very good


Mine is an iPad Pro, too. That never happens to me, though.
Completely? You have to log in every time?
And your internet, mobile data or something else?
More questions.
-Do you clear your history much?
-How much do you close your safari browser?
-Do you use Chrome or Safari?
-Mobile data?


The forum can log out of your acciunt


It's probably not the forum's fault.


That sounds strange. I am using an iPad often and that does not happen to me.




I everytime use private mode,or incognito,and I don't have any history in the iPad.
Often,I only have one page opened everytime.
Safari and Chrome.The two lag exactly the same.
No,I don't have mobile data.


It has nothing to do with your ipad just your internet!!


No,then why my iPad HAD JUST PARALYZED,an iPad Pro,only looking the forum with Safari,and is still not responding?Now,I'm writing this in the computer,but I think that my iPad will recover soon,after all,is an iPad Pro.My dad are now trying to make it work.But,all this damage,I am sure that is the forum.I was on incognito,perfect internet,good battery percentage,but suddenly,the iPad paralyzed,looking at my topics,as always.Strange...


Hi there! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Hopscotch. That's super frustrating. :frowning:

Is your Hopscotch totally up to date? Are you running iOS 10 or a different version? Could you send us some screenshots of what you see to Thanks so much!


Hi @Meg .Thanks for your quick help.
I am running iOS 10,but I can't send you any screenshots,because the email that I am using is my school email,which has my name,and I respect so much my privacy,and,I can't send any email to people that have or other domain than mine,sorry.(And,the thing that is paralyzed is my iPad for using the Hopscotch Forum,not the app Hopscotch.)


Ah, that is super helpful information! My guess as to what is happening is that since you're using a school iPad, there are school settings checked that prevent you from using the forum. Could you ask a teacher if that's the case?


Sorry for the late reply.
No,I'm using my iPad in school,because we can take it to class and see our books,and also play sometimes.The internet is very good there,and they don't block webpages,so I go freely in the forum without any problem.I think is a bug,but you will know better.I am confused,because anyone had this problem before,no?


Okay. I have the solution.
Nothing is wrong with the forum, it's nothing involving Hopscotch bugs.
I'm sorry to say, but, you use private mode.
It logs you out every time when your in private mode.


Private mode locks you out of accounts everytime you close it.


But what about that paralyzes my iPad?I know,maybe you're right,because I use always private mode,but the thing that paralyzes my iPad can't be the iPad itself or Safari,because the iPad is quite new,so,that is the confusing thing,why paralyzes my iPad?