To many... Need to stop



Guys calling the leaders
@Kiwicute2016 @Follow4LikesOfficial @PopTart0219 @t1_hopscotch @BuildASnowman

This may be because of the new leaderships but it seems like everything is either closed or split or merged. This NEEDS to stop


I can agree to a certain point. I think the newer leaders are getting used to using their new abilities- which is 100% OK.
Sometimes, it's could be a bit easier to keep a topic open even after the original question was answered so other people could learn and ask more questions!


Because of the new ones, we get "addicted" to some features. I got over my spree, and now I'm doing it because it has to.

The big spree of merging and closing should be done by Monday :wink:


Yeah, and even if they are "getting used to abilitys" make 1 topic where they do that I mean dude please stop


I have an idea, you should make 1 topic all the leaders user there powers


I think we should give them some time to adjust with the new abilities. It's something they have to adjust to!


Sure but still have a reason k:wink:


I was thinking about doing that, but I'm not a leader myself, therefore it wouldn't make too much sense! :slightly_smiling:


The main reason for the spree is also because they are new- we don't know what to do with them yet, and just want to mess with them.

The big spree should again be done by Monday


Cool please don't close this topic I don't 5hink it should be closed


Guys they are still new to job and want to get used to things! Think about, what if you were just promoted leader? Wouldn't you want to try out new things?


Ok. @PercyJackson9, I only split like 3 topics because they were ads, and I moved them all into one topic. :T


Well it isn't a concern of too many leaders, because more leaders= better forum, but as @PopTart0219 said, it's just an obsession of the new features. It should be over soon :smile:


I've opened a few topics, but unfortunately can't unsplit. It's just that new Leaders want to try out their new abilities!


Yes, there has been a little more closing. But don't worry! They are just testing everything out. You get so many new abilities, you know? All that excitement! You just wanna close something and test it out! So don't worry, it will go back to normal. But wouldn't you do that too?


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Here's what I may do but probably not because I would be like yay!
But I would try to go to the drawing topic and see if it had to be open if any topic has to be closed!


Don't worry! The Hope Team wouldn't have chosen the awesome leaders if they thought they would close, split, and merge unnecessarily.
If you feel that a topic shouldn't be closed,split, or merged I bet you could just tell them why and they'd except your opinion! :smile:


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When i got regular the first thing i di was edit tittles enjoy editing post and enjoy all the new likes i have been given Heaven