To make hopscotch better


So, I was thinking that hopscotch doesn’t seem very educational anymore. Not like it was ever very educational, but now I’m thinking that the only new people that come are for art. I was thinking that maybe hopscotch should have badges or different avatars for rewards like in the forum or Khan Academy. Say, if you code one project you can get an ice cream avatar or the “maker” badge. This was just an idea to get coding to progress faster. If they code one fun game, they can make the “gamer” badge. Just an idea, how is it?


That’s a great idea! I also think that lessons should be free. Also, what if, for example you learn to use a block or some sort of math (like sine and cosine) and you get a badge for it.


I like this idea! I definently find coding and learning on Khan Academy is more interesting to me.

There could also be prizes or something.

For example, if you are on hopscotch for a year you could have a free month of a subscription :D
(I know this might not be possible, but it’d be cool!)



Then I’d get three free months.

That would make everything so much easier.


That’s a great idea!


I think that would be too big a prize for the Hopscotch Team ;)
I like the idea though (^-^)


ANOTher thing to make it better would be to feature this.


Maybe… but the goals shouldnt be so hard that new people cant get them… i wonder
if we get a bunch of popularish people together, if theyre willing, they can have a game review thing, like new ppl submits project, person tells what can be improved and whats good, etc
Owaitnthats a bad idea


This is a good idea. Badges could be an encouragement to new hopscotchers to code!


There is no fixing it at this point.


Yeah, at first it would be easy but then after you become a pro, the badges would be different and harder


i agree with all of this. but for old users (like me) would u get the badges for already knowing these things?


That’s what I was thinking.

Maybe they could bring back the coding journey.


They should!! That was awesome ;D


Yeah, that would be good