To MagmaPOP and MagmaPOP Only



Hey there. This is mainly for @MagmaPOP, so please don't post anything off topic, or anything mean.

Before you criticize me, I do not intend to be mean.
Thanks to everyone who replies in a positive manner.

All of us know @MagmaPOP as an awesome coder, who is talented in pixel art, art, hopscotch. What made me make this topic is because of one thing.
A question. :stuck_out_tongue: The purpose of a topic is about "asking a question".

@MagmaPOP is a nice guy on the forum, to lots of people. But sometimes, he is not really nice to me. I understand if he was "joking", but I do not find it funny.

As I was informed by @Fifithefunnyflower, @SmileyAlyssa and @OrangeScent1, MagmaPOP remixed my project. But instead of having a positive reaction (he's MagmaPOP! Getting a project remixed by him is awesome!) I felt humiliated. MagmaPOP said: "How original, :unamused:". He is clearly unamused of what I'm doing. (Or joking, but I don't find it funny) And since he is well known, many people have already seen it.

So why?

Today, I announced on Hopscotch that I was going to be offline for a week. Not bad news, not good news, I don't really think many people care. (After all, its due to our school, all I wanted to do was inform). So, I have a question for you, @MagmaPOP.

What was the purpose of remixing my project?

Do you want credit? It's just a little project that will be taken down when I come back. I mean, I didn't "steal" any code from you, did I? If you look at my old projects, 99% of the time, I give credit to the person who I was inspired from. If you thought it was similar, all you had to do was tell me on the forum.

Or, do you think that I want to copy you? Your code is too awesome and well known, if I were to copy it, people would recognize it almost immediately.

Tell me please. I want an answer.

Again, please don't take offense to this.

Please don't reply unless you are MagmaPOP, or staff. In the last topic, it was getting rude and disrespectful. Thank you.


@MagmaPOP if you are reading this, I would appreciate it if you could unpublish that project. Thank you.


Ok, XD I was just a little bit confused. Thanks for the clarification!


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