To @Liza, Plz help me!





Off topic sorry!

@PopTart0219 can you please post this in thr topic you just closed? I flagged and was trying to reply but you closed it before I could :sweat_smile:

Hi, @CarolynHolloway! Welcome to the forum! :tada::grinning:

Listen, on the Hopscotch forum, we aren't allowed to show our face. This website is public, anyone could come and see that!

I suggest reading the community guidlines for more info.


No... I don't think so. I did nothing wrong...


But what's wrong with showing my face? I bet my name is really common so what's wrong?


I can't really. It just logs me out when i get VPN


Anyone could see that and try to track you down. @Liza, who created Hopscotch, said no pictures or or last names!
Have you learned about internet saftey?

I suggest reading the community guidlines for more info.


Well Hopscotch is a very anonymous site. If you know people IRL of HSF, great, but you don't need to show your face here. Also, HSF is for talk about HS, so asking "am i pretty" doesn't reallt fit with those guidelines.

@SmileyAlyssa gave good comments, you need to be safe on the internet


I'm not changing it because that's silly. How could any of this stuff be dangerous? Also am I pretty?


It does? That's weird...


It is dangerous. People here could be adults, that are not very nice people.

please note i'm not saying that there definitely is, it's just you can't be sure.


@CarolynHolloway, GBOT
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Can we plz get back on topic? I know this is serious, but still. We could be flagged.


If you want to show your face, keep that to social media. It's dangerous, and know that Hopscotch isn't responsible if anything happens to you.
@Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @anonymous @BuildASnowman help?

Alright! Now lets get back on topic, and talk about this somewhere else! :grinning:


Dangerous things can take place on the Internet, and (hopefully) you can stay out of it—by not sharing personal information about yourself. ;3


Lets plz get on topic


@DaPurpleMan1, I don't know what has happened, but I log onto forum in lots of places, so i dont know why it wont let you :/


Me too! My safari just reloads and im out.. WAIT I THINK I KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOO


I figured it out! I just press create a question and leave it on while im getting my VPN! XD


Thank for the help @RenegadeBird1, @SmileyAlyssa, @CandyCane! Be on later!


Kk! I'm glad you fixed the problem! Will I see you in the library? :D Maybe we can talk about it more then.


XD we look so simular