To kiwicute2016


I'm sorry for asking this again and I know I'll get no, but, will you char my username to PotterPro? I think it's a shorter name and fits my hopscotch username better (Potter Productions) please?



It would be best tagging someone you need!


@Kiwicute2016 (Filler Text)


I guess you're good at predicting the future :sweat_smile:. The answer is no, because if I change one name, everyone else will want a name change!


I don't take Divination, and isn't have the sixth sense, but I'm not good at predicting the future. I understand. Why was phase's name changed a while ago, though?


Phase_Admin's username was changed as a test. I think it was one of the first changed usernames. Phase's was changed as a test, then Kiwi's for the year, then that's it.


If you go into your account settings, you can change your username...
Or at least what it looks like to others.


You can only change your forum username if you're a new user or if you're a moderator.


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@Kiwicute2016 gets advantages along with others. My name needs to be changed to ArtisticWolf. But, oh well! No bellyaching!