To kiwicute2016 "yes it it becuase there is diffrent hopsoctch challenges"


Hey ya'll a lot of us probbaly herd of Words with friends!

If you have not its a app for scrabble

And share your username and we can play!

You may be thinking " but fluffy bear who is this hopspctch related? FLAG THIS"

Please don't we can have challenges like

Only play words that are hopscocth related sometimes

Have fun!




Can you explain it a little more?


Do you know what words with friends is?


What is th list of names for?


To get people attention here!


Yes! Can you just explain what we are doing?


Well what's your username for it? Let's play together!


Oh that's super cool :wink:


Uh I don't know how to play scrabble or Words with friends. I want to play, though. Can you tell me how to play? :D thanks!


It's kinda hard to exsplain I will find a good website for how to play!




Ok! So it's like this:
Player 1 says: H
Player 2: O
Player 3: P
Player 4: S
Player 2: C
Player 5: O
Player 1: C
Player 3: T
Player 4: H
(It spells Hopscotch)
Is that how you play?


Yep go head and download it and please do not look up my username!


Mine is Nerd_Squad


Wait. Aren't we supposed to do this on the forum?


No it's word with friends!


I made a game with you!


Oh I didn't know that.


Yep it's a app!!!!!!