To Intellection74 (if someone else sees this project, please eat your exotic Butters first!)


Hello, @Intellection74,
I was wondering if you would like to do a collab with me. If so, please respond to this post.
Thanks, @benny29


To people who see this post: look at this Trading card I made for exotic Butters and then eat it!


I would love to do a collab with you but I'm currently doing one with @Madi_Hopscotch_ (which I have not been very active in :grimacing:), so I don't think I would have time to do another one. Maybe I could help out when Madi and I finish our collab. If you want we can go ahead and start, but I have had a packed schedule lately (and will be focusing on another collab) and won't be able to participate much. You can decide whichever!

I'm so sorry! Thank you for wanting to collab with me, though. I appreciate it @benny29. :smiley:


Oh. Okay, well, thanks for telling me!