To Ihasfluffycupcakes and MYD: NEW CODING GAME


Hello, my testers @Ihasfluffycupcakes and @MYD! We are going to work on a series of games together! I'll tell you. We will make it on the test account, publish it, I'll download it to my account and give you credit in it. HT egame we are making is...


Hopefully, we will call it PotterPad. We can decide what apps to make, and the settings. Hopefully we can use lots of values. Our next game will be rated 8+ ages because I want it to be...


We will try and make models in a mirror and tap it for the spinning, and don't worry, it's not real.
See you later!


Make sure to keep it appropriate!! For young kids!!


It IS appropriate! It's also original! That's why it's rated 8+!! It's not gonna have bad words in it.


Oh, ok, just making sure. It sounds like a very good game, could I help??


Sure, you can give ideas and I guess that you could help us. I'll give you the account info, both you need to show me your best games first, and what kind of code you're good at.


I'm pretty good at music and stuff like that, I made a DRWING pad and stuff like that!!


Did you ever make a big game? Like food fight,, or a quiz?


On my really old account but I don't want to give away my identity, I think I made a quiz and I helped with a game that got over 2,000 likes I think!!


nice idea! when do we start the PotterPad?


I'll start making the basics,many then we can discuss what ideas I need.


What account r we doing this on??


That bloody thing gets me a little queasy I know I am 9 but not everyone is 8+!


Can we please help? @MYD is our coding partner! And try taking out the word "bloody" on that game, little kids don't know better. And we just make the age.


I already have two people working with me. Sorry, and I'll change it to Scary instead of Bloody. If I deem you more worthy than @MYD, then, yes, you'll come with IHFC and I.


We still doing this??


You want to call it PotterPad, but maybe the others want to call it something else. Try asking for others' opinions. :wink:

App list

Flappy bird
Geometry dash
The Hopscotch Forum (that icon is Safari, just the only site you can go to is the forum)
A drawing pad
Pixel art
Matching game