To hopscotch team: beta test


Could I please become a beta tester? My current Hopscotch account is Kathryn.Janeway


Hey Kathryn! I'm not The Hopscotch Team, but to become a beta tester you have to email them at In your email tell them that you want to be a beta tester and they'll reply as soon as possible! Hope this Helped :smiley:!


You can email the Hopscotch Team, in which the email I thing it is, I think.


Hi @KathrynJaneway, just asking, what's a beta tester? That question may sound silly but I just want to know what it is


Hi @Queen152 , I know I am not @KathrynJaneway but a beta-tester is pretty much a person that tests the next version/update of hopscotch before it gets released to the public to look for bugs and what not.


Thanks so much @ColeDJ


To become a beta tester go to this website And fill out the information below