To @friendship2468: your projects won't show up?!



Hi @friendship2468, I just realized something. Your projects aren't showing up for me?!?! Proof:

It says you remixes my project:

But when I go to your account....

It doesn't show up! What's up with this?? Please help!


And btw is this happening to other people, because if it is happening to others I should email hopscotch about this bug.


Just a little note: if you see that I'm not liking projects lately it's because I can't even see it!!


Maybe she unpublished it


But when I clicked on the project, it actually worked! So basically she didn't unpublish it.


Oh..... Then that must be a glitch


Yeah. I really want @friendship2468 to see the topic though


Yeh maybe she has some truth behind this


its because projects are getting stuck in the filters you have to email the hopscotch team and then it will appear


@MagmaPOP, this happened to you in our Monopoly Collab! So this is happening to other people... 🤔


Is @friendship2468 super busy or something?!


ask the hopscotch team to publish them if they dont show up.


I just hope the hopscotch team fixes this


No, I'm not super busy. I'm on Christmas Break. Those projects are probably in the beta because they're like a week old!


yeah, but do you know why your projects wont show up?!


I don't get what you mean. My projects show up.


Look at this! @friendship2468



Your lastest project won't show up! And this isn't happening on beta!


Try restarting hopscotch or your iPad because I just posted a drawing request for you.


Well, then explain this: