To friendship PP


You can't know @Friendship2468
Stop taking out your anger on us


Please. It's not good for your health.


Exactly. Btw I was not the flagger.


Omg!!! What have I started!!!!


I think it was frienship


You can't know that's all. Even if we told you you'd flag us




Please, @friendship2468.
It's the 18+ kinda thing.


AKA very mature adolescents


My friends forced me to see it a couple of weeks back. I was not happy.

If you REALLY, REALLY want to know, I will tell you, you don't.

It's disgusting. Purely disgusting.


But you guys aren't even 18 yet and you get to see it?!


As I said, very mature adolescents


It's not that! We don't want it on the forum, so stop telling us to tell you!


Because someone posted,a dare! We didn't know it was bad, and then yeah... ;-;

Let's not reveal the name guys, I think the person is sorry


By saying that you're saying I'm immature


It's not my fault when u find out, wish we didn't tell you, and get scarred for life


No I'm saying your not old enough
You said you were 9, correct? I wouldn't want you to know about this


I didn't find out can you guys read


(tosses confetti) This is memory confetti. Everyone forgot everything that has happened on this and the drawing topic today. Now CHILL!


Stop it my brother's birthday is on Mondays and I'm already in enough trouble with my parents!