To "Famous" Hopscotchers



Hi people who are reading this!
Lots of people get super excided when people like @MagmaPOP and @OrangeScent1 and other really good Hopscotchers like their projects, so I think you guys should like lots of projects and follow a few new cool people to make them happy. And maybe if people ask you questions and give you "fan mail" you could respond or you could even give a shoutout to them! How awesome would it be if @SmileyAlyssa remixed your project! I just think it would be really cool for some people to get likes from their favorite Hopscotcher!


I spam like random Hopsoctchers sometimes XD


Wow! That actually sounds like a pretty cool idea! I've done before, but I'll definitely do it again!


I'm just happy if I just get a few likes from not really famous people :3


I bet they get super excided when that happens!


Yeah you spammed liked me, and it felt awesome!!!! Laser Snake was my favorite HS game ever, so I got really excited when the maker of that liked my project!


I spam like people I don't think I am famous though!


I do this every single day! I follow about 100 people a day and like about 1,000 projects a day by random people i don't know :smiley: Even though i'm not famous its still fun


You are famous to me! I love your art!


SmileyAlyssa already follows us and likes our projects a lot and once remixed a remix of her project!

So, you're famous. Ironic.


aww thanks! That means alot @codingCupcake123 :smiley:


I'm not "famous" or anything. I'm probably known by no one, but, hey, who said I can't spam like? I do it to at lease 50 hopscotchers, and I normally annoy them XD I'm so annoying....


I spam like all the time lol XP


I don't think I'm famous but some people are like 'omg! RubyWolf liked my projects!' But others would be like 'meh, whatever'


thats me lol


Am I considered famous, semi-famous, or not famous? A few people freak out when I like their projects or follow them, but not everyone does.

Also, I already do this. I like more than 100 projects a day (or at least try to). XD


Hmm.... You're in between semi-famous and famous for me.


Am I considered a "WOAH" moment
A YAY! Moment

Or a cool! Moment

Or a

eww moment?


Thanks! Lol!