To everyone who's buying the subscription


I found a great app for making your own characters and other creations for your projects!

It's called Assembly.

There are so many options and it's really easy to use. You can easily make characters and objects and all sorts of things! You can also save your images with an invisible background. You should deffinetly check it out. It's free!

You don't have to be an artist. There's no drawing needed! Just connect shapes to create anything you want! I hope this is helpful to you and your projects!:grinning:


Im not getting it but if somehow i do then I'll definitely consider it!


Hey Madi! I did give you ideas for a game once. Have you made one using my idea yet?


@CodingNewbie I get a lot of requests for games, so I'm not sure. At the moment I'm working on a really big project. I can't wait for you and the rest of the community to see it!


Well, bye I'll just download hopscotch again.


I got this app before let me try it again...


I've had assembly before! And your right, it's awesome! :blush:


Wait how do I change the color @Madi_Hopscotch_?


Using the Assmebly app?


Yeah but never mind.


Oh ok did you figure it out?



But with this campfire,

How do I change the flame orange and not the whole thing?


Hmmm I think if you crop out the wood and then add in another campfire and crop out the flame part. Then you could connect the wood and the flame.


Oh okay thanks!


Tell me if it works :slight_smile:


Nice! I've heard that Valgo uses this.


Sorry but how do you crop?

I am new to this sorry!


It's kind of hard to explain, but if you drag somthing over where you want to get rid of and then hold down on it to select everything, there should be a cut option. I'll send some pictures!


I'm trying to raise money to get it! I'm washing the dishes way more then usual. So far, I have 25 cents


About to upload the photos! (Unless you figured it out)