To everyone complaining about the lack of coding topics


So sure, the forum’s more off-topic than it used to be and that’s okay. But you can’t really freak out because “it’s all general topics,” honestly. For example, see this screenshot? All but one of the topics are about coding and Hopscotch.

And how about this? In the top topics for the week, most of these are about Hopscotch.

Just a little reminder that it’s pointless and frustrating to complain about a tiny problem that is not as huge as you think.


AYY something true finally


Heh, thanks. I kind of got tired of everyone rambling about the “lack of coding topics” with no proof.


I agree. There’s still plenty of coding topics and posts, maybe not as many as there used to be, but still plenty.

And although it is a coding forum, Liza has said general topics are allowed. (I forgot where the post was, though.)


Yes omg I totally agree with you!


Yeah, I always have to remind people of that XD


Thanks! :slight_smile:


This is a great topic!! :DDDD


why does this human character have 4 mouths?


Great topic senpai!!!

Photo bomb! XD


It depends on the time. When it’s innactive hour like that there are coders. When it’s like popular hour it’s completely general topics.


I don’t know XD


I took this screenshot of latest

Its ALL general topics


Correct, but just because there are general topics does not mean that there are no coding topics.


Yeah I know
But general topics are pretty much just chatting these days (besides the coding ones and some others) so general topics are replied in the most frequently


This topic isn’t about the amount of general topics, it’s about the amount of coding topics. I wasn’t saying that general topics were less common or popular.




Just because they’re general topics doesn’t mean they aren’t talking about coding.

Take Pinkcupcake8’s GT for example (Rebellions are built on hope) in her gt I know for a fact that she and a few others talked about making a coding collab!


I never said that

I said this