To @ella_13 (when your unsuspended)



I don't know how this happend, but I want to say, your being demoted. Regular badge means you've never been suspended. She got the badge, but is being demoted because she got suspended. @ella_13 I'm sorry about this. If anyone know that this isn't true, contact me right away and I will recycle.

I created a flame war (to ella_13 part 2)

Who was it? And @ella_13 I can't do Herman school either.
*german (even though I like walk the prank)


I watch the Disney XD show walk the prank a lot. It has a character named Herman.


Please do not bring attention to this


Oh, lol :joy:

Also, @Tylerdabeast and @Sweetlina is right we shouldn't bring this to attention..


No it wasn't. She was suspended for a good reason and I think we should let it go.


Liza trusts me and I have proven to her that I can follow the rules and be a nice person, which is why I'm not suspended.


But u can't follow the rules if u communicate outside the forum

And u got all mad cause u thought ella was communicating through my account and evading suspension (a long time ago)
Well guess what! Ur evading suspension rn


I gave Maimouna links of what happened :slight_smile:


Liza is letting me use this account. Are you trying to make me feel bad? It isn't working. I made a nicki minaj edit today that I feel GREAT about.


Woah that's so cool

And u do cause Ella may have done some sleuthing.... and she discovered some stuff....


This makes no sense at all. Ella knows nothing about what I do or how I feel lol.


Can you tell me why a Ella wants to get back at me so much? I thought she loved being suspended. She most likely hacked our collab account. Oh, how mean she was to my best friends! I have every right to be mad at her.


She saw some stuff on musically


And I never said she wanted to get u back

And u said she hurt some of ur best friends which means she was never ur best friend? And cc and her are good now

And she never messed up ur collab account. She isn't mean like that


Why was Ella on my in the first place?


Oh, so now I can't have more than one best friend or Ella will think I don't like her? This is RIDICULOUS. Stop it with the drama. Now. You know well that I can have as many bets friends as I want.
And you know what?
Ella is never going to be one of them.
She's only a friend


She wasn't


I liked Ella before but now that she literally wants me dead


Dude, your whole family needs to stop it.
If you hate us, LEAVE.