To DancingLollipop! (About drawing collab thingy. Free to monitor.)



So, @DancingLollipop, we can work on our collab here. Chillanna and StarGirl in real life?
Let me know so I can start drawing!


Can I join? I live to draw!
NOT EDIT: that was spell check but also means something...


That would be awesome! Sorry for the late reply


Np! Okay, I'll get started! Just before I do, how are you going to be coloring? Like, digital or manual?




Cool. Ran outta likes :heart::heart:


I got started with it.
So far I have StarGirl. I think I'm gonna have Chillanna under her like "heeeeelp"


Coolio!!! It looks awesome!!


Thanks! I can't like .-.





That's awesome! I'll work on it soon!