To @Cinderleaf, about MC


@Cinderleaf mc says that he/she misses you and want you to come back. Here I can basically send messages!
Also CPKkanthonyvincentz. Says she misses you and wants you back
Lilivie wants you back 2


If you want @Cinderleaf you can reply but let this sink in. People like you


You posted something @Cinderleaf!


Hmm.. Is this really related to Hopscotch? I don't think private messages are allowed..


This is 2! I am talking to other people and it's on hopscotch it is so on topic


What?!? I don't have hopscotch! Ok, send me the link


Awesome! Tell him I can't come back, but he can join the forum in which I'm always going to stay!



Oh, that's me on a different account. I posted that weeks ago. I also forgot about the name


Just make sure this is not private messaging. :wink:


They may know each other irl :wink: or be using Hopscotch emails.


The forum is not really a place for messaging. I know it's Hopscotch related, but if you guys want to talk you should meet up, email, or talk through Hopscotch instead of messaging. I know you mean well @PercyJackson9, this is a very nice thing for you to do, but this isn't really the place for that.