To buildasnowman


I was wondering if you could change my username to Potter_Productions because that's my new name and I don't really wanna be known as Friendship Studios anymore. My name is now alliterated (for people who don't know alliteration is when you repeat a certain sound ex: Sally sells seashells by the seashore).
- PP


I'm sorry, but I'm not doing name changes anymore. I did for Phase to test if it worked, and for Kiwi because she's a leader. If I were to change everyone's names it would not only mean A LOT of work for me, it would break the notification system on the forum.


Oh okay


Don't worry, I think friendship2468 and Friendship Studios is better than Potter_Productions! :wink:


Potter Productions is my new hopscotch name, though!


Well, they're both good either way! :yum:


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