To: @bubblyoreo! Collab?



Hello @Bubblyoreo! Would you like to make a project with me?


Sorry for the late reply.... YES!
What do you want to make?


Um.... Well you could help with me and @Work_kids_coding 's collab?




You have already joined me and @Work_kids_coding's collab project,@Gabe_N


I was talking to @Bubblyoreo as a reply of this comment


Hello everyone this is Work Kids Codingβ„’


What is the project? If you desperately want me to YES! I will try to work on it since I am busy with school work


You don't have too!!! It was just an idea!


You could join me and @AHappyCoder we are making something called the grand tapper


I am on holiday now so I can work on a project. It's probably better if you two work on it alone. I was thinking of making a Rugby World Cup game. I am not a boy but my brother has an obsession it could be your country vs my country. Let me know what you think


Cool! Except I live in New Zealand :stuck_out_tongue:


Same. Maybe we could do it on city's?


I was thinking the same thing! Great minds think alike


Awkward! I am in Auckland


Good! Where do we start?


I will make a project we will make it a 2 player game
This is the plot I think:
1. Home screen
2. Girl or Boy
3. Eat your weetbix
4. Select your team
5. Play
6. Ceremony

Is this a good plot?

Also which region are you?


How do you mean "which region"?


Yes. Just so we can decide the teams. Not to stalk