To anyone: Leader badge? Can we become one? And how?

How do you become leaders and what does that mean? I'm just wondering if its the monitors or they let some hopscotchers in, or what? Thanks!


Hi @JumpyJose great question. Leaders help to monitor the forum and "clean it up" if it needs cleaning. They can move posts and close topics.

At the moment, leaders are promoted manually by the Hopscotch Team, so you can't earn it like you do with the other badges and meeting different sets of pre-determined requirements.

Here's a post on trust level 4 which you might find useful:

The rest of the post is here if you'd like to read the rest of it.


This is very useful information!


Thanks so much @t1_hopscotch! Quick question, is their a way to work for hopscotch, cause that seems like a great job for when I'm older! And how do you become a regular?


No problem @JumpyJose :smiley: If you go on that same site and scroll up a bit, you'll see the general requirements for regular. Here they are:

The link to this post is here. I think the Hopscotch Team can change these requirements though so they may be slightly different to the ones from this post.

I'm not a part of the Hopscotch Team, just a forum moderator :smile: but once you're older and you have more coding experience, I'm sure you'll be able to apply for a job :wink:


:smile: That's right being a leader is a responsibility like you said Stradyvarious, so that's why the Discourse forum made it a manual promotion.


And just for a bit of extra information on trust levels like Leader and Regular for anyone else who's wondering, I've made a post which includes information on all of them from another website. The post is here.

But like I said in that post, if you follow the Community Guidelines and contributing to the forum, your trust level will go up without you realising pretty much, and other people will trust you too :smile:


@t1_hopscotch is right! You can click here if you want to learn more about trust levels but here is a post on trust level 4:
Leader (4)

Leaders are regulars who have been around forever and seen everything. They set a positive example for the community through their actions and their posts. If you need advice, these are the folks you turn to first.

They can get to trust level 4 by...

Manual promotion only at the moment!

In the future, look closely at quality?

ExplicitQuality = min(1.0,
contributionValue(LikesRecievedCnt) * LikesWeight +
contributionValue(BookmarksRecievedCnt) * BookmarksWeight +
contributionValue(FavoritesRecievedCnt) * FavoritesWeight +
contributionValue(RepliesCnt) * RepliesWeight +
contributionValue(AvgTopicRepliesCnt) * TopicRepliesWeight)
Look also at site and topic promotion: invites, accepted invites, external links followed?

Election process?

Users at trust level 4 can...

edit all posts
pin/unpin topic
close topic
archive topic
make topic unlisted
Split and merge topics
Daily like limit increased by 3 ×


What does pin/ unpin do

I am pretty sure it means that can pin it to be able to find easier? I am not sure @Wow_woman.


"Pin" means pin a topic at the top of a page, and unpin means it won't appear at the top of the page. I think the Community Guidelines are automatically pinned at the top of the Newest page for everyone but I'm not sure.


Xthanks @t1_hopscotch


So this means they have to be really active on the forum???? And hopscotch has to recognise you??????

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Then who are the 7 leaders?

Click The Three Lines Then Tap About.

How do you become an editor?

Anyone can edit.
You get the editor badge from poking the little pencil icon on any of your replies.

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