To anyone ,Game collab!


I am going to TRY and make a game where you have to steal bags of cash and I would like someone to help me??


I could easily help with a top down game where you touch the screen and your character follows. Alarms will be triggered if lasers are touched. You'de have to quickly move your character towards the cash when the guards aren't looking and escape a room before they turn around to see you.
Just an idea.


The game was going to be a platform game


Sorry I can't help you. I don't really like platform games.


Does any one want to? anyone?? Please!!!


I can try, but I don't have much experience in making platform games. I am in a collab, but I'm not doing it too often, just bouncing around ideas mostly


Yeppy! Your in! I haven't got much experience in make platform game either,I will make a topic for the discussion!


Oh and @CreativeCoder should the topic be in the lounge category?


Up to you. If you don't want others to see it.


Ah well! I know I like reading collab chats


Then let this collab be a challenge! Your in!