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Ok, I may stop making projects for a while, thanks to a project with SO MUCH CODE AND LAG TO MAKE and was SUPER FRUSTRATING, and guess what happened. IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!! I SPENT SO MUCH TIME, AND FRUSTRATION JUST TO SEE IT DIDN'T WORK!!! So, if I stop publishing projects for a while, that's because I'm going through a stage of frustration and miserabality. I can't do it, because I went over the code in my head a million times, and it should work. Too many check if else's to just put screenshots of. My brain hurts. I need to relax. Especially with my horrible day at school. :disappointed::triumph::disappointed_relieved:


Check now, sometimes you have to wait a little bit, then it'll work. Hope this works! :wink:


Ummmmmm...I deleted the project :scream:


It should be in your drafts, did you delete it permanently from your drafts, too? :fearful:


Yeah, I deleted the draft, when did I ever say I published?


That really stinks... :confused:


You can ask the hopscotch team to get your project back except you have to know the name of it




Yes it real I've done it before
Although sometimes they can't get it back but that's rare




Oh make sure it wasn't named untitled or I'll take a while