To AmazingAlphaAlquaWolf


So... I'm using a computer right now as I type. Anyway, can you move the conversation about getting that photo to here?? This is not about hopscotch, I know, you can close this, flag this, whatever. I don't need to know from the forum. Just wondering....


If this isn't about Hopscotch, please keep it off the forum.


Sorry, this is a hopscotch forum, so we can't permit unrelated topics without a moderators approval. But, maybe you can try to make this about hopscotch!


Sorrry for replying late, Ok first right click a picture on the internet, then click copy image, after that go comment somewhere and when typing click crtl+v at the same time or right click and click paste. The picture should say uploading and then upload like so Image result for panda in bamboo tree Sorry about this not being hopscotch related @Sprouse was new and wanted to know how to upload pics


I was a little confused about what you meant, thanks for clearing that up :wink:


You're welcome 202020


Thanks for telling me!!! If I post something non-hopscotch realated, is there a way to delete the post??


No, Only leaders like @Kiwicute2016 can close posts
Also, you're welcome :blush:


Yes, there is! If you tap a small + button (I think that's what it is), a garbage can comes up. You can click that and it will delete your reply




XD nvm I was wrong @PopTart0219 was right :sweat_smile: