To all the leaders!


Hey guys I know a lot about leaders but what else can they do is there a special topic for only leaders like lounge and what else? Thanks I am trying to earn leader badge so I can know some stuff about them before I may(probably won't) become one! Thanks from your fluffy friend! @staff


I don't know about leaders, but there is a staff category for mods and admins I think.


@Follow4LikesOfficial or @PopTart0219 or @BuildASnowman can you help?


I don't think we're allowed to tell. :T


Okay what if I see it on discourse?


This is discourse lol


I meen the other website I have a acount I will check!


There is a staff category for mods and admins, and a range of google docs for all the staff :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you @BuildASnowman!!


A range of Google Docs?