To all Cyberbullies and Bullies : Words Hurt too


#1 Is something I remixed and added.
The moral is words hurt too. Please don't cyber bully


Anyone @kayro


That is cool! This is true! Soon I hope all the bully's will leave hopscotch!


I know people say stop but you must. I force it. Words might hurt more. My CE teacher Sid sticks can brake and arm but that gets better but words are permanent


Btw CE teacher= Charectoristics Ed. Teacher


gosh I didn't think we would go this deep into the epic fight against bullying


No I thought about the last person I talked to and it was u. But it should stop


That is true. It's not like bullyies will just all leave hopscotch, but we have to do all we can to stop ■■■■■■■■! :slightly_smiling:


But people don't get the message


Forgive and Forget @Crazy_Crawfish probably quit now and it was all my fault


I'm sure she won't. :wink:


She did


There's only one way I can make her comeback



You have her some feedback to com back