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If anyone else is reading this..uh..hi.. This is about a game we're working on so SPOILERS!!

@AHappyCoder Hi again
@SnowGirl_Studios I suggest you read this first. It's the original post.

So I was thinking it would be cool if we somehow did Emojitecture to get the animations. We can use abilities to move them leg by leg, instead of pixel by pixel.

Any other ideas?


Maybe in the beginning you could choose a animal to train so it would look something like this


I have similar to that so far... You have the first intro screen, press play, and it fades away. There is a sign that says ":feet: The Shelter :feet:" and there are animals. The animals other than the dog have a tiny lock icon (because they aren't implemented yet). I couldn't do screenshots because my iPad just went "NOPE. CAN'T UPLOAD THOSE".


Here's a dog emojitecture but is does not work:


That's an awesome emojitecture!!

Does it not work because it's too big? That's a shame :confused: I think I counted 17 emojis across but Hopscotch texts can only have 15 emojis max across. Maybe try and trim off two columns?


Here is a dog that does work!:


Cool! But tbh I don't get what doesn't work when it is too wide. Can you explain please?


I also have another idea if we don't want to do emojis:

We can have a grid of white (or the background color) dots, and they can change colors so it looks like it's moving! Ex: Paw moves up, some dots turn into the paw color and some blend back into the background.

It's like an animated pixel art!


@AHappyCoder Wow that's awesome!

@CreativeCoder When you have a text object in Hopscotch, you can type 15 emojis across maximum. But then if you type another emoji in the line so that you have 16 emojis, it is too wide and the last emoji goes onto the next line, like this:



Oh! I get it. Thanks!


You can only type 15 emojis in to a text :frowning:


We can still do Emojis if you want, but I figured out how to do a basic moving pixel art! The link to the project is here. It's only three moving dots, but I think that this would be WAAY easier to animate.


Hey @Snowgirl_Studios Yea! I will try to help you in about 3-4 days because I am on vacation :sunny: :wink:


So you can help us? That's great! I can't upload the drafts to add onto until Friday or Saturday, because I'm on vacation too (yay).
Keep the ideas coming! :blush:


And I don't want to sound so demanding, but I've been looking in your feeds, so remember I'm trying to do the main drafts and ideas. I'm just upset because you're going on about other things when it was my idea originally :pensive:


Ok @CreativeCoder Just follow me and I will make a Project when I fome back so i can help :sunny: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No problem, @Thelordofcats! I don't have wifi, (I'm doing this through data) so I will ASAP!


Hey @CreativeCoder! Like @AHappyCoder mentioned, text is cut off after 15 emojis because of margins. Just like when you type a document in Microsoft Word or a similar program, you can only fit a certain amount of text on each line!

We talk a little bit about this in our Emoji Wave video, here.


Heh me too @CreativeCoder
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@CreativeCoder whats it gonna be about
BTW getting home on Thurs or Fri YAY