To add...Or not to add


Heh. So I am making a new drawing pad, and I am having problems deciding to add music... I want to, I have a song, I like it, but I don't know if you will like it.... Could you possibly listen to it and give feedback?
@Anonymous ?
That's the link!


Is it the Song 7 project that you made? Because the link won't work D:


It's song 5, and it's great! Did you make the song or just put it into Hopscotch? Either way, it's awesome!


I made the song :smiley:


To be or not to be?
To add or not to add?
That is the question


:joy::stuck_out_tongue: that's right!


Music tends to lag down draw-pads, unless it's a really simple tune. I dunno if you've added it or not yet, but just beware of the lag!


Should I add it? I like the music, and I enjoy listening to it, but as you say, yes, they do make the draw pads lag sometimes, could you listen to the music and decide if it is simple enough! Or try my song7! Thanks if you can :)!


Music doesn't lag down my drawing pad. and the tune of the drawing pad is Megalovania.


@PandaBlossom Sure! I currently do not have access to my iPad, but I'll definitely give it a shot later today!


@PandaBlossom Yes I love it! :D I just checked it out and it's great! :D :D


Ok! Thank you very much!


It's awesome! Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to be coding partners? My old partner left moi.

its so sad


By the way, the music totally rocks!


Ack. So many people ask me ;-; I have 2 :yum:

Da answer is yes, I have now 3! (Both of them are boys and they aren't on that much compared to me :joy:, may I ask, I sound rude, are you bi? I think that's fine, I won't freak out or anything, you are the same as anyone else :laughing:)


Yep! I'm bi. And I'm on for about four hours every day. :grin:


That's cool! Should I make a - you should make a topic on what we should do as coding partners, I'm not a regular yet ;-;