TMI when losses occur


So some posts about people passing away have TMI, which could scare many young children and even teens. So here's how to not do that!

Avoid details

Things get scary when there are tons of details about such and such. So limit how much you decide to put in sad posts. No talking about how they died. Just that they did die.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

By this I mean that you should be a bit more positive after dipping into the zone. Either that or just don't post at all and think about the people that have gone to the better place.

So that's all for now for these kinds of tips.


What does TMI stand for :0000


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TMI = too much info

I completely agree @MobCraft! Thank you for making this topic! :D


It stands for Too Much Information. :0000


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This isn't just for you @S.O.S_Art, there have been others doing to too :D
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@MobCraft great topic!

@JaggedJeans, TMI = Too much information.


Whenever you say you're quitting, you don't quit.
This get confusing. But I hope you don't quit!
Also that was kind of mean. The forum is a fun and great place to hang out if you're appropriate. :3


That seems rather pointed. And a little rude to the person this was pointed at, as she's going through a lot of pain.

I get it, but a little reminder would be nicer. People need our support, not our reprimandation.

What you're saying is true, but it's quite obvious that it'll be hurtful.


I'm sorry about this...

I'll miss you...


You don't ruin this forum, but I won't stop you from quitting.