TK Art club! Please join!



So this is my art club, and we will be doing challenges once a week. And every week I will choose three people who have done very well. I will be accepting up to 20 people! So please join.

If you want to join, please fill out the form under this line

Hopscotch username:
Do you follow me? If you don't you want be able to have updates.
How much would you rate your art 1-10?
Are you willing to draw out of your comfort zone?
Do you wholeheartedly love art?

Please give an example of your art- on iPad.

This will take place on hopscotch, so please follow me @Tropicalkiwi​:cherry_blossom: So you will be able to be update on the latest art club news!
Please join and the rules are
- no inappropriate drawings
- and don't do things you know you shouldn't do


This sounds neat! I don't know if I follow you already, so I will go and do that right away. I think I would rate my art a 6-7, because I feel like I have room to improve. Yes, I am willing to draw out of my comfort zone, but be warned, it won't be very good. Last but not least, I wholeheartedly love art because I feel like it lets me express myself. I will draw a pic of my art, then post it here when I'm done. Thanks!


Thanks for your reply. I'll let you know if you are in!

EDIT: Actually, I've decided you're automatically in! @DancingPineapples1


So please tell others! I want a big club! @DancingPineapples1


This sound very interesting! I will follow you if I don't already! I would rate my art a 3, just because. Yes, I always like trying new things!! I absolutely love art, or I wouldn't be filling this out. Thanks!


Oh yes, my username is Hermione Cat.


You are in! @GracefulIcing1


Oh and @DancingPineapples1 what is ur hopscotch name?


Thank you! I will now follow you.! Sorry I didn't follow you earlier, I was drawing.


My Hopscotch name is Dancing​:pineapple:Pineapples. I tried to look up you, but I couldnt find ya. your username is TropicalBlossom​:cherry_blossom:, right?


No. It's Tropicalkiwi​:cherry_blossom:. :grinning:


Come on you lot! Be part of this club


Username: goobrgrlrye
Hopscotch username: GoobrGrlRye
Do I follow you: no but I will!
How i rate my art: 7
Am I willing to draw out of my comfort zone: yes!
Do I whole heartedly love art: of course!!!
I am on my phone, so I can't put an example at the moment, so hold on...


You're in! @Goobrgrlrye


Yaaaaaaaaaay thank you!:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


No problem! But try to get people to join please!


Hopscotch username: PurpleMoors
I will be willing to draw out of my comfort zone
I love love love Art


You're one! Congrats!


Thanks I love you Art you art is so


There! I followed you. Neat projects!! I like your Google thing.