Titling properly!


This is gonna be a short topic.

Basically, when you make a topic, title it correctly. For example, a topic about a bug that makes all your code disappear shouldn't be titled "SCAREE BUG OMG", it should be titled something logical, like "Bug that makes code disappear!".

When you make a topic, you should always make the title something that people could search for and get a logical topic about what they searched for.

It's like if you Googled something, like the word "amazing", and the only results were websites about learning to cook, how to tie your shoe, and other random things, but they were titled "AMAZING NEW WEBSITE". See what's wrong?

In short, just title your topics properly. It's useful for everyone when they search things to look for answers to their questions.


Yes, and use somewhat proper grammar. It annoys me whenever people spell like 5 things in each sentence wrong on purpose on a daily basis.

I don't care if it's just for fun and only used rarely.


don't tell me how to live my life


Gilbert, people are silly here, and name topics silly titles to make others laugh, which is perfectly fine.


Yeah, call your general topic whatever you'd like, but I'm just saying that if you're actually making a topic to talk about coding, or a bug, then title it so that others can find it.


I thought this was titled "tilting properly" but okay XD


So did I XD

Great topic Gilbert! I agree.


Oh me too. I just realized that its called Titling Properly. Well, actualy instead of properly I thought it was property.


Well, in addition to learning how to title topics, we also learned we all have mild dyslexia! Congratulations everyone.

jk. that should be kinda obvious. but jk.


I debated titling this topic "We should all do this", just to be ironic. :laughing:


Aw why didn't you

but this title did help us to find that we have minor dyslexia


You seriously are going to make everyone rage-quit with your ironic titling one of these days XD


Omg me too XD
I was like, "what does tilting properly mean?"


Topic about clickbait

Is called "Redeem your iPhone 7 here! :iphone::tada:"


Could I show you what I did so far?


Sure! You might want to put this on your pixel art topic instead! :wink::smiley:


I'm dying of laughter right now XD

I'm silently assuming this was a typo


Look at the pixel art account write now.




I thought it was about how to use the tilting rules in code properly (like when tilted up, or the % tilted right value) and that stuff, until I reread it for the fifth time after reading the topic's first few sentences. Oh well, I really am weird. :sweat_smile:

Also, this is my 500th post!