Title Projects?


Wouldn’t it be cool, if you could tap the +, create a project, then be able to title it? This would clear up a lot of clutter in drafts, and make things easier to find. It would also be helpful in collabs, so people could know whether or not someone is editing a project, so they don’t go in. Any feedback?

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Well, if you click on them after you exit out of the project, yo can click the white box to add a title to it.
But it’d be nice if you could do it instantly and not have to exit out of it before

The thing with collabs tho, is that you can just say on the forum that you’re editing it


I would really like this feature!


Third Post!


I had no idea of that! Lol!


Yep. It sounded like a good idea.


It would be a cool feature but does it matter all that much? I think it’s kinda apart of the charm and stuff.


That would be nice to have because I never get around to naming them after I made the project so I have a whole bunch of projects called ‘ & ‘ because I have lots of blank text objects. I would also like it if projects didn’t automatically get called ‘Square & Triangle’ if you had a square and triangle in the project, because it gets annoying.


You can title projects right now, but I agree. It would be nice if THT made the process simpler.


Yeah. Kind of like on google docs? You make a doc, then title It.