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Yeah what tank said


Oh. Then idk what to do. =(8^()


Does anyone want to be included in an art tag list
(I don’t want to tag all of you all of the time)

Edit ur name here


Me plz, Paige! <><><><>


I would like to be a part of it!


Ok @Cocoa_Viola @CoderOfMagic
You will be included
Anyone else


Hmmm… Fearless is back. Why not ask him?


Wait @CoderOfMagic
Can you make a global edit for my list
Title it Paigeys Art List


Idk, but why not ask him?


Oh definitely!


Do you want to join my art list


Btw FearlessPhoenix is a they : )


Paigys Art List


Sure I’ll join.

And I’m a they, @Cocoa_Viola. Fix that maybe please?



I also edited my bio
and so close to 3k views!



Not cool but I’ll let it drop. This time


I haven’t talked to u in forever
How’s life


@tankt2016 @Cocoa_Viola @Over_powered_wizard1 @Lisa1045 @GameCodingCrazy123 @CoderOfMagic @FearlessPhoenix
Anyone have any title ideas


Nope sry haha I’m not good at coming up with stuff like that