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We used to be able to request and make groups but the creator t1 left so we can’t anymore :(


T1 made them when she was a leader, only they can make them!


Btw how’d u change ur name


I asked the Hopscotch team if I could change it


Oh cool


What things in my project are custom art so I can take it out (I haven’t been on hs that often so idrk what that is lol)


There isn’t any custom art what the


That’s a bug I think
(Does hsb count as custom art idk)


Hsb doesn’t— wait you updated Hopscotch didn’t you?

Maybe this is another bug…


That’s… weird do you think you can send spa shots of the project and the editor? Maybe a screenrecording


No I haven’t


What version of Hopscotch do you have?


@tankt2016 How do u check again


Search Hopscotch in the App Store and it should pop up.

Does it have an update ready to be installed?


I did have 3.331
Should I update
(Wait the bug is gone)


Nope. The latest update has the wrong version instead of the right one.


I don’t know— that’s weird?


I think what happened was you remixed a project that did have custom art and/or images, then removed them. Even if removed, your project will still count as containing custom art/images.


No, it wasn’t a remix. She coded a project without custom art or images and it said it did have custom art or images in it when it didn’t.


No I made it myself