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no, no you are not :3


tries to think of a topic to talk about…

Remember apple potatoes?


oh yaaaaaa maybe the evil apple potatoes strike back (or return)


I could start the story too :0 (the one I was going to do in October I think


I think my topic got deleted :(
I guess I will just ask questions on here


I don’t know if it was deleted, it was probably moved to a category only leaders can view?


No it probably wasn’t because I got flagged and I clicked view post and it said the oops that page was deleted or private


This was the post (the first post) that got flagged because idk what


Well I think gts are basically mashups of q&as and amas.


Maybe you could just do the Q and A here, it should be easier and no one can lounge it!


You may have made lots of them in the past?


Yeah that’s what I’m doing


I have but they are very old


Yeah, I don’t think you can make anymore. I think that’s also what happened to my new GT


Hey you can use mine anytime to chat to anyone you want!


Thanks ^^
I can still use my old one, though, so that is fine :)


Are you sure???


Yep ^^




@Paige1212 how do you make a club? Like Paige’s friends