Tips & Tricks to make a Hopscotch Project!


hey guys, today i’ll be showing you some helpful tips and tricks to make a successful hopscotch project! if you have any suggestions to improve this topic, please reply below!


this part of making a project is the most important, its where you ask yourself what you want in your project.


before you jump into your project, make sure to figure out what exactly you’d like to create! there are many types of awesome themes, from action amd adventure, to simulators or puzzle!

you can figure out your theme by questioning what you want your project to achieve! of course, all themes have an equal chance to become successful, but you might want to take this into consideration.

i usually look at the aspects of my favourite projects, like “Aquapark” by Team Toucan or “FunCity” by Fundardo!


now, its time to decide what your game’s all about! this is where theming becomes important! did you decide on an action game? then maybe you want to make a platformer or obstacle course!

to help you create some ideas, get inspiration from the community! there a bunch of hopscotchers, and you might find a project you like there!

once you find a project idea, make sure not to fully copy it! just take some aspect or feature in the game that you picked and implement it into your game. if you took a lot of inspiration, you should give credit, “ inspired by Aquapark “, or something!


one of the best ways to make your project good, is to brood about bugs or other thing that could mess up your project! it’s important to do this before you start coding, because if you dont, you may give up on the project.

a good way to start potential problems in the game, is to think about the features your gonna have!


here, you finally get to code!


its really important to organize in the editor. from labeling text blocks and cloning them to just organizing the in the editor.

imagine if you were creating a navigation menu for your game, and you had a bunch of squares in the editor. and you constantly search for the perfect square, it would be so difficult!

you can save so much time a hassle, if you just label a text block “Button #1” and clone it 5 times. then each clone is a different part of the button. you can even put comment blocks by the clones, so you know what does which.


now, your finished the gruesome days of coding, and its a masterpiece! well thought out, ideated, you prepared for every possible outcome and organized.

Sequencing Updates

there are many ways to update your project, maybe you worked on it for so long, there arent even anymore updates to make!

to update, if you want to improve your game alot, but you want the community to check it out first, maybe use this system:

  1. 0.1 (WIP)
  2. 0.2
  3. 0.3

and so on

or, maybe if you are adding a lot of new features, maybe this:

  1. 0.0.1
  2. 0.0.2
    3 big update!! 0.1.2

the same as this, but looks cooler:

  1. v.1a
  2. v2.b
  3. v.3c


many awesome projects have a thumbnail, you can make a thumbnail out of your projects name and a cool bg. or you can add the name and version and a bunch of cool characters from your game. you can even make it gameplay!

anyway, this is the creator’s choice.

Test Run

pretend your a random hopscotcher playing your game, every single aspect, dont ignore anything because you coded it well, or all that.


hope y’all liked the guide, vote in this poll, so i can know how i can improve it or just that it is good!

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Very helpful tutorial!

Also, maybe you can add at the test run that you can also ask some people to test your game, that’s also really helpful.

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