Tips Or Collab?



Does anybody have tips on coding or art espailly art I have got good with eyes but not eyes with body's. And coding I am doing sort of good on my old account MoonlightCoder mine is now PaigeWWE. I really want to get on trending does anybody want to Colab on a epic art pad or a epic game? If you do just give ideas I will check them out and see! I hope if we collab we get on featured or trending :smile:


I am tagging one person who is on @EnchantedAnimallover. Cause nobody else is replying


Lol. You knew I was on. Anyways, getting on rising, trending, or featured is easy. Make a game that no one has made before and work hard on it. When you make that project, get people's attention by nominating it for featured! Sorry, but I can't Collab! I'm already in one! Ummm. And I'm not good with leave a trail blocks, so I don't have tips for that. Oh, and for drawing, anyone can do by practicing!


Oh ok
When you are done can you collab?


Can you help or collab


Can you help


Sorry I was off. Sure, but I probably won't post a lot.




So let's do a app based game


Like Best Fiends


Cooking rush
Fake messages