Tips on the new Update and other log-in websites



You've got the new update on Hopscotch, but you forgot your password from the first login update. What do you do?
1. Try to email the Hopscotch Team.
If you don't have your own email, ask a parent/guardian.
2. Write it down.
If the Hopscotch Team gives you your password, or you've just made a new password, write it down so you don't forget.

The Username

You have your Hopscotch username here and there. You also have accounts in other games. Let's say you play MSP. You haven't played in a week or so and you forget your username. You should, guess what it probably was. If you can't figure it out, start fresh with a new and better account.

Signing Up With An Email

So, let's say you forgot your password to something that isn't Hopscotch.
If you signed up with an email, like your parent's email, just tap "forgot my password" and put in your username and it will send an email to your registered email. In other websites, like Nick, when you tap the forgot my password button, it will ask you a question. You will answer it right, and it will give you your password.

Hopefully this helped you guys with logins. See you again soon!

friendship2468 (Scratch, Hopscotch Forum)
Shomby3 (MovieStarPlanet)
Cosgrovega (Nick)
Friendship Studios (Hopscotch)