Tips for the forum!



So this is where you can post tips and stuff-and I don't mean tips for people new to the forum or tips on how to keep the community safe. Those kind of things are great and all :wink: :+1:, but here is where you can write tips for any hopscotch forumers-for example, things like how to make using the features of this website easier and better, or making your topics more interesting. Here are some to get us started:

  • Use polls. I find they make a topic more interesting. The only thing, be sure not to overuse them.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I could put a poll here on whether or not this is a good tip, but it really is not needed. If you are trying to decide what profile pic to use or if you want to know what people think of your project, that would be a good time to make a poll.
  • use pictures and emojis.:grinning: For more visual people, these help hold your attention, and get your point across. Once again, just be sure not to overuse them.:+1:
  • My last one for now that I find extremely helpful is this: add the forum into your home screen. What I mean by this is that you can put the forum onto your home screen so you access it like an app. To do this, click the share button, which is the one to the left.

    Then this should pop up:

    Click add to home screen, and then it will appear as an app! I find it super helpful, as it makes the forum SO much easier to access.
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That's all for now! :blush:Be sure to post your tips here!


Sorry but it was only a little helpful because I already knew 50% of it


Nice work, friend. This would be helpful for many ppl


Another good tip is for when you go to spam like someone.
-Go to that topic
-Click on the profile pic of the person you want to spam like
-Tap the button that says ____ posts in topic