Tips for Staying On Topic and More!



Lately I have noticed that there have been more and more off topic posts! I do admit, some of my posts are off-topic, but I'm going to quit doing that, and I hope I can help you guys do that, too! Here are some ways to help you stay on topic and be more productive!
1. Don't leave comments on posts saying "hi 202020202020" (it's not productive, it's just ANNOYING!)
2. Keep it clean! Don't talk about things that may affect other people's feelings! Their parents may not like them talking about that stuff!
3. Try to keep your topics actually related to hopscotch! Don't do posts about things like "Let's Chat Here!"
4. Ask yourself how it relates to hopscotch!
5. Don't create topics for just 2-4 people. Try to keep things where people can look through them without feeling like they are breaking a rule!
6. BE REASONABLE!! I think you know what I mean.
Note- I was posting this a friendly reminder
Also, I have noticed an increase in posts about self troubles. It is really common to have these problems, and I know it helps to be able to get them out. Keep in mind that children and adults can see what you post!
Remember that you guys are representing hopscotch's awesome community!
Try to make the change if you see this happening!
Revision- IN A NICE WAY!!!!


Oo oo oo [raises hand] what about stuff related to the forum? This is a forum after all


[calls on @AwesomeWolf18] That's allowed, but I think that this place called Discourse created the forum, so there a a lot of things that that Hopscotch Team and leaders/admins cannot control! But it is always awesome to come up with ideas for the forum, maybe Discourse would find out about it! Yes, feel free to post about the forum!


I hope this helps anybody who had questions about these guidelines! At first I thought how am I supposed to stay on topic? then BOOM. I saw others getting off topic and I was like EEEKKK!!. This forum is supposed be used for productive purposes.


This is incredibly true! Especially the personal problems and chat topics


I totally agree. It's kinda like how people are very rude to people who chat, even though it's wrong.


I ALMOST left that one out, but I scrolled through hopscotch and saw mean messages, so I changed that ASAP. Thanks!


Thanks! Also your projects are awesome like super duper awesome.


Thanks! I would also like to add that drawings, art contests, and non-coding relating art usually has nothing to do with hopscotch.


I was looking through my topics and this topic had eight and then I saw the drawing topic and my eyes popped out.(not really)
I though of that topic when I saw this, we do about 50 on topic posts and then 100 and then some more off topic, we get closed, use the next 45 posts telling people GBOT and that cycle goes on and on and on...
So this is a good reminder as the amount of users increases!